Christopher Logue
Wholly Communion

A film by Peter Whitehead documenting the International Poetry Incarnation (1965) at the Royal Albert Hall. The video features, in order of appearance:
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Michael Horovitz, Gregory Corso, Harry Fainlight, Adrian Mitchell, Christopher Logue, Alexander Trocchi, Ernst Jandl, and Allen Ginsberg.

Christopher Logue appears at 19 minutes.

Clarence's Dream
Christopher Logue reading 'Clarence's Dream' from Richard III, Act 1. Scene 4., lines 9-63.
Gone Ladies
Christopher Logue reading ‘Gone Ladies'
Afternoon Plus interview
Mavis Nicholson interviews Christopher Logue, 1st December, 1982
I Shall Vote Labour
Christopher Logue reading ‘I Shall Vote Labour'
War Music
Christopher Logue reading ‘War Music Achilles prepares for battle from Pax'

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